Our Initial Buckset notecards have colorful, new partners! We love the #10 envelopes from Waste Not Paper, which come in a selection of 36 colors. Our favorites are Chartreuse, Fuschia, Pool and Gravel, but you can choose any you like.

Simply visit Waste Not Paper and create a wholesale account to see the selection and pricing. Their distribution center is open and they are currently shipping.

#10 OE Envelope Item C4327810-A | Size: 4 1/8" x 9 1/2"

These envelopes also pair perfectly with our Gold Foil Buck Notepads, allowing each card to become gorgeous stationery.


Our favorite ribbons can be found at

Simply visit their website to create a wholesale account and peruse their extensive collection.

Shown here:

ds25-8519, Faux Dupion with checked edge. 2.5" x 10 yds.

Shown here:

ds88-1753, Grosgrain Stripe, black and white, 2.5" x 25 yds.